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Emlyn and the Gremlin

Emlyn and the Gremlin - Steff F. Kneff, Luke Spooner Emlyn and the Gremlin is an adorable book, just right for younger kids. I found it to be engaging and well-written. The illustrations are also gorgeous. At 9, my daughter is a little older than the target audience, but that wasn’t a deterrent at all. She read it on the way to gymnastics and enjoyed it enough to ask to read it again on the way home. She was intrigued by the concept of someone who lived underground without beautiful things to play with and wear – she made up a whole story about why the gremlin needed to come into Emlyn’s room to play with her pretties. Ultimately she decided that the gremlin was more likely a fairy or pixie. :-)

Note: I received a free ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review.