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Baby - J.K. Accinni Baby is the first book in a six book sci-fi series. It is one of the more unusual books I have read in quite a while.

The book begins in 1929, with Netty, a young woman who had escaped from a brutal marriage to a violent man, hiding out on her deceased parents farm in rural New Jersey. She is in poor condition physically, not well-equipped to deal with her situation. She is drawn to the woods, where she meets Baby, an alien from the planet of Oolaha who has crash-landed on Earth. After Netty finds the severely injured Baby in a large cave, she takes him back to her cabin and nurses him back to health. In return, the Oolahan heals Netty as well - a process that initiates Netty's gradual transformation into an Elder. With Baby's help, Netty works the farm and turns it into a successful business. The following winter, Netty stumbles across a young man freezing to death in the woods. Dragging Wil back to her house, she restores him to health. Wil decides to stay on and becomes Netty's hired help. Baby reveals himself to Wil when he heals the broken leg of Wil's horse Maggie. Wil takes the news quite well, all things considered.

Eventually, Netty and Wil fall in love, although their relationship's progress is hindered by her physical changes as she becomes an Elder. It isn't until after Netty cures Wil of multiple rattlesnake bites, which initiates his own transformation into an Elder, that Netty is able to overcome her fears and Wil is able to fully accept their new reality. Some months later, Netty’s prosperous business attracts the unwelcome attention of her estranged husband. Violence ensues, and tragedy occurs, followed by revenge.

The end of the book was disconcerting to me, with a jump forward in time of about 50 years and ruthless revenge that included the deaths of innocent people. I thought the story would have been better without this. But overall, I enjoyed the book, and moved right on to Echo, book #2 in the series.