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Evil Among Us

Evil Among Us - J.K. Accinni Evil Among Us is the fifth book in this unique scifi dystopian series. It takes place almost completely inside the Hive, an underground sanctuary created by an alien being known as The Womb. A ragtag group of human survivors and the wildlife they managed to save (at the Womb's behest) are struggling to adjust to their new reality as they settle in to wait for the Earth's surface to be habitable again after a nuclear holocaust. They are led by Netty and Wil, two 'people' who were once humans but who were transformed into Elders by Baby, an alien who was sent to Earth in book one to perform an intervention - basically to eradicate human beings from the planet because of the wanton destruction they were causing, primarily the extinction of many forms of animal life. Netty, Wil and Baby are joined by Jose, Abby and Scotty, 3 young people who are also well on their way to becoming Elders, and Echo - the offspring of Baby.

This story takes so many twists and turns as it follows the trials and tribulations of the survivors. The reasons for many of the earlier events are explained, and most of the loose ends are tied up. And yet, questions remain. Who is The One, and what is his/her role ultimately going to be? Where does Susie, the 5 year old granddaughter of one of the survivors who was kidnapped by marauding humans, fit in? Will humans be allowed to regain control of the planet or will they be relegated to servant status, in favor of the animals?

You should definitely read books 1-4 in this series before attempting to delve into this one. But I promise, it will be worth your while. I personally can't wait to see how J.K. Accinni finishes the series in book 6 - The One.