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Echo - J.K. Accinni Echo is the second book in this series from author J.K. Accinni. It begins about 50 years after book one ends, in 2033. At that time, humans exist in a rather dystopian society, having turned virtually all control over to an uncaring big brotherish government. The story revolves around 3 young people, Jose, Abby and Scotty, and Echo – the offspring of Baby, who has been living a solitary existence in the Hive since her birth 100 years earlier. The youngsters all have sad backstories that shaped their lives. Eventually, a series of horrific and disturbing events take place that result in the three being orphaned and Echo taking up residence with them. Echo is an amazing creature, and she brings great riches to the three. They attract the attention of a psychopath, and end up moving to Florida to try to escape him. Echo, meanwhile, has a mysterious mission to complete…one that may end disastrously for humanity.

This book contains some graphic, violent scenes that are quite disturbing. But ultimately, the reader is left anticipating book three, Armageddon Cometh.