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Hive - J.K. Accinni Hive is the fourth book in the Species Intervention #6609 series. I received an electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

As with the other books in the series, Hive takes up where the previous book ends. The group of people and wild animals are traveling from Florida to New Jersey, seeking refuge from the imminent apocalypse. Just before they reach New York City, word comes of the first bombing in Las Vegas. It all goes downhill from there. The group makes it to the Hive in the nick of time, where they must adjust to their new status as secondary citizens, whose only task is to care for the all-important wildlife. The humans on the outside that survive the bombings go through incredible horrors, as one would expect after a nuclear holocaust. Another villain appears on the scene, one that you will absolutely hate.

There are some clichéd moments – why would an intelligent woman with two granddaughters to protect allow a man they didn’t know to ride with them, for example. And this book also has several graphic, violent scenes… scenes that are difficult to read, but serve to ably illustrate the horrific times that any human survivors of a nuclear holocaust would be forced to endure. The book ends at a point where you just want to scream “NO – it can’t end here!”. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 5!